Project Management

When you have a project that you want to deliver quickly, FortyFour-Three will join your team to get the work done. We will take care of tracking progress and guide the team’s actions to meet your goals. 

We know that a project with a short timeframe is more likely to be successful and deliver immediate value. We focus on 21-day and 90-day projects. 

Exploration: A 30-minute conversation before we start working together. At the end of the conversation, we’ll send you a one-page project charter that you can use as the starting point for your project, whether or not you engage FortyFour-Three to manage this project. 

Clarify Vision: In this phase, we create a full project charter. The charter gives us clarity on how people will make this project a success. During this phase, we will define: 

  • Who makes the final decisions. 
  • Who should be communicated with, and when. 
  • What risks you see and how we will mitigate them.
  • How you want to balance cost, scope, schedule, and quality.
  • The way that the team will work best together.

Gather Requirements, Plan Solution: This is the phase where we design what the solution will look like. Many times starting the building phase will help us get a clearer picture of what we really need. 

Build. Test. Validate: This phase is when we create the solution. Testing ensures that the solution works as the requirements say it should. Validation ensures that the solution meets the needs of real users. 

Implement: In this phase, the solution is put into place and turned into a consistent routine. 

What types of projects? 

  • Software implementation
  • Strategic projects
  • Business Projects
  • Automation development and implementation
  • Reporting and Dashboard design and development
  • Software selection
  • Work-from-home solutions
  • Mobile or web application development

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