Project Review – January 2019

In January I had two major projects to complete. These were:

  1. Project Inbox
  2. No more needless typing

The goal was to put together a minimum viable product for both of these items and see what type of response each project garnered.

Success and Lateness

The Project Inbox MVP was released on January 29th. The Smooth – Auto Data Entry MVP was released on February 7th.

Excuses and Reasons

The data entry project was late because I procrastinated. There are plenty of excuses that I could make about the obstacles that I faced when delivering this project. In fact, the technical reasons that the data entry project was late is because at 11 pm on the night of January 31, at the moment the moment that I was about to post the project to Kickstarter, I found out that Kickstarter required me to provide my Social Insurance Number. For security purposes, I choose not to share this information unless required by law. And with this major roadblock, the project languished for a couple of days until I could get back to it.

Even though the small obstacle of data that I wasn’t willing to share appears to be the thing that caused the project to be late, it was just the straw the broke the camel’s back. What caused the project to be late were my choices earlier in the month to delay work on the project until the last week of January. If I had been done the work a week earlier, discovering the hindrance, and dealing with it, would have been no problem at all.

Re-evaluate and Re-Open

When I was late with the Auto Data Entry MVP project, I took a moment to re-evaluate whether this was still the work that I should be doing. I decided that it was worth it to open a short-term project in February and post the MVP. I had the asset (the MVP and some Copy.) I just needed to post the project and see if there was a response. The project was posted on February 7th.

Data Collection

The data that I will collect from both projects is:

  1. Project Inbox – Number of people who sign up for the mailing list.
  2. Auto Data Entry – Number of donations that I receive for the project

Right now the stats for both projects is no response. The lack of acknowledgment could be because:

  1. They aren’t good ideas.
  2. They don’t solve the problem that people have
  3. Not enough people are seeing the minimum viable products.
  4. I haven’t explained the problem and the solution very well.

I still have work to do. I am sure we aren’t done with these projects yet.