Project Workshop – Will You Join Us?

Module 1 – Defining and Choosing Your Project

  • What is a project?
  • Project selection and prioritization. (Introduction of 2 Tools)

Module 2 – Starting Your Project

  • Project Initiation
  • Discovering and Engaging Stakeholders
  • Project Goals and Vision
  • Your Project Charter
  • Project Planning (WBS, Schedule, Resources, Critical Path)

Module 3 – Some Other Considerations

  • Build the right thing (Business Analysis and Requirements Gathering)
  • Communication Plans and Stakeholder Engagement
  • Risk Planning and Management

Lunch – Round Table Discussion

  • Discussions and peer support for project problems, challenges, and opportunities. Learn from the group and share your stories.

Module 4 – Getting the Work Done

  • Monitoring and Controlling Your Work
  • Tracking Your Project Progress
  • Project Math (Earned Value, Cost and Schedule Performance Index, % Completion)

Module 5 – Project Closing

  • Achieving the Vision – When is your project successful
  • Sunk Cost vs Almost Successful – How to determine which is which
  • Adoption, Resistance, Leadership, and Communication
  • Lessons Learned and History Repeating

Module 6 – After the Project

  • Hand-Off and Maintenance of the Solution
  • Continuous Improvement – Project vs Process
  • Evaluating Project Impact in the Long-Term
  • Identifying Opportunities – Catalogues, Budgets, and Business Cases

Join Us

I would love to offer this workshop for leaders from within non-profit organizations. We can all learn together about how we can finish our projects well.

Will you join me on October 18? (2019) Drop me an email at Early birds get to help choose the case study, lunch and contribute topics for the lunch-time problems and opportunity conversation.