Question About Business

How do you know when you have solved another person’s problem? When you can see that they are successful.

How can you tell when you have a good business idea? When people are come to you to help them be successful.

How do people find out about your product? You have to tell each person individually. Sometimes you can find automation to connect with individual people using the same tool. Connecting with many people through the same method is called mass marketing. A magazine ad uses a single method to connect with lots of people. But you always need to connect with one person personally. Whether selling to consumers or selling to a business, you need to connect with people. And each person must have a personal connection.

How much work is it? It is a lot of work to be successful. Late nights, early mornings. Sacrifice.

How will I make any money? There is no guarantee that you will make anything.

Is it worth it? Do you want to wake up obsessed with something? Do you want to go to sleep excited about getting up the next morning? Do you want to end your life knowing that you have thrown everything that you could into changing the world for the better? Do you want to live for the slim chance that you might actually see the world change? You have to decide if it is worth it.

Why would you start a business? Because you think that it might be worth it someday?

When are you successful? When you see others succeed. The only measurement you should use is whether you have lifted up other people.

Business is hard. Many people are much better at it than I. But I keep on going because the further I get down this road, the more I realize that even with almost 8 billion people in the world, no one else has the exact same experience and opportunity that I have. I cannot wait for someone else to do my idea, because it won’t happen. It is my job to organize and execute my projects well so that I can make people successful. If I don’t do this, I have failed to live up to what I can fully contribute.

What’s your thing that you are doing to make other people successful?