Rainy Days

Some days it will rain. You’ll wake up and hear the pouring rain on your windows and roof. Or you’ll be ready to go out and notice that it’s going to be a very wet trip. 

You can’t stop the rain. You can’t even change the time that it starts and stops. But what you can do is plan for it. Weather forecasts have gotten so accurate that meteorologists can predict the weather for each hour. 

When you are delivering projects, you must realize that sometimes it will ‘rain’ on your project work. Things aren’t going to go as planned, or the work you thought could be done will be hampered somehow. But you can prepare for your rainy days. Here are a few ways: 

  1. Have a list of small, maybe simpler, jobs that you can do when you run stuck on a big problem. Often, stepping away from what seems like a roadblock and focusing elsewhere will give you a fresh perspective that solves your original problem quickly when you come back to it. 
  2. Be mentally prepared for an uncomfortable slog. Going into your project with the mindset that everything will work out smoothly makes it very difficult to run into obstacles. If you have equipped yourself to deal with impediments, you will be equipped to deal with them when the inevitable arrives. 
  3. Acknowledge a rainy day, and move forward according to plan. Sometimes it is conquering the rainy days that have the best reward for morale. The 25km hike or canoe trip in the rain seems like a much greater accomplishment on a rainy day than a blue-sky day. If the ‘rain’ won’t destroy your work, some days you should just work through it. 

Some days it will rain. Don’t let the rain stop your forward movement on the good work that you are doing.