Most of the time, we don’t see ourselves realistically. We think that we are better than we are. Or we believe that everyone else is better, and we are worse. But it is hard to get a good read on what people really are seeing when they look at you.

We have the same problem when it comes to our business or our projects. We are so engrossed in the processes within our work; we don’t really understand how the customer or stakeholder perceives it. We forget to be curious about whether people care about the user interface or the functionality. Kijiji doesn’t have the most cutting edge interface, but it does what it promises to. Apple products don’t always have all of the features that other products might have, but they have an interface that everyone loves.

It is our job to understand how people perceive our work. Whether in business or the project that we are delivering. Then we need to find out what the customer wants. If we are providing what they need, we should do more of that. If we are missing the boat, we should make the necessary changes. We need to meet people where they want us to be.

First, be self-aware to understand who you are. Then be confident enough to change to meet your customer’s needs.