If you want to learn something well, you have to repeat the simple steps.

When playing a musical instrument, the building blocks are the scales you do. When playing a sport, the repetition of the core skills is important. When you are a mathematician, continuing to work on math problems keeps you sharp.

What should you be repeating in your work? As a project manager, don’t start to think that you are above doing the foundational tasks like making a schedule or identifying your key stakeholders. Don’t assume that everyone knows what the purpose of the project is and neglect to create a project charter. Be sure that you are laying the simple building blocks that will hold up the rest of the project.

If you neglect a strong foundation, you won’t notice a problem at first. But eventually, you will start to miss things. Projects won’t be delivered on time, stakeholders will be unhappy because they aren’t consulted or informed at the right time, and the project sponsor will wonder why the project didn’t achieve what they needed it to.

Repeat the basic steps every time. Even though they seem elementary, they aren’t expendable. The foundation you start with will determine how well the resulting building survives.