My usual morning routine is to get up early, exercise, pray, eat breakfast, and start with the family morning routine. It is my way of getting some of what keeps me ticking done before anyone else gets up. I can get be productive by being up earlier.

This morning I am going to rest. I still got up at the same time. And I know that I should get downstairs and exercise. I know that it would be good to tweak something on my website to improve the way that I can help you. But not today. Today I am going to grab a cup of tea and sit on the couch and read.

Sometimes we need to break our routine and just rest. Just take a moment and do something different. Yes, I won’t hit my exercise target for today. No, I won’t be able to add my new idea to the website. But I did take a mini-vacation that let me reset. And that is important.

Changing your routine can be like clearing a whiteboard. Sometimes you need to clear out the clutter so that you can start on a fresh drawing. If you keep on adding to what is there, you end up with a cluttered mess. If you take a moment to wipe things clean, you have the space to give clarity. It is refreshing for everyone, including yourself.

My challenge to you today is to take a moment of rest. Disrupt your routine. Take a moment to do something relaxing that isn’t part of your routine. Or isn’t part of your routine at that moment.

Enjoy a moment of rest. Wipe your whiteboard clean. And then continue making the difference that you do.

[Full Disclosure] I wrote this post a couple of days in advance of when it will be posted. I don’t know what I actually chose to do on the day that this post was posted.