Return On Investment

Every minute you have, you should make sure there is some return on your investment. This shouldn’t be confused with the mantra of hustling until you succeed. What you need to be sure of is that what you are investing gives you something in return that has value to you.

If you invest time at work, you will understand that you will make money. You may also progress in your career. If you spend time with your family, you will grow closer to them, live a fuller life, and creating a lasting change in their lives for the future. If you sleep, you are investing in your health and ability to think and make an impact tomorrow.

The key is to understand what you want your return on investment to be. You can sleep for 12 hours a night, but it might not make you 50% more healthy and impactful than if you slept for 8 hours. You can spend all your time with your family, trading a little bit of family time for educational pursuits might be a better long-range return. You can spend all of your time working, but it might not make you the money or build your family relationships in a lasting way.

You have time, money, and energy to invest. Decide what return you want from this time and energy, and then invest it wisely. Start with your desired return on investment in mind, and invest so that you get that return.