Routine Maintenance

Don’t let yourself get so out of routine that you are no longer productive.

Being able to break free from your routine is often seen as a goal. Try a new business model, look at a new piece of software, try a new process approach, go somewhere different for lunch. Doing things in a new way is a great way to experience new opportunities. You might make more revenue, find efficiencies, treat your customers better, and find a new favourite dish. But if you adopt a new routine this week, and another new routine next week, and another the week after, you probably aren’t maximizing the opportunities that you have been given.

You have to maintain your routines that are working. To do this, you must be aware of what you consider to be ‘working.’ If lunch is intended to be functional and fast, finding a new favourite dish doesn’t meet the criteria of success. (Though if you found a favourite dish that was functional and fast, you would be in a land of opportunity.)

Routine is not the enemy. Ineffective routines are.

Acknowledge what your routines are. Don’t ignore the fact that there are certain behaviours that you repeat. Then think about the purpose of the routines. An lastly think about whether your routines are achieving the purpose that you want them to. For those routines that are not achieving your goals, try something new. If a routine is helping you achieve your goal, be sure to maintain that routine.