Robotic Process Automation

Automation is the transformation of repetitive manual work into work done by a computer. Once something becomes automated, a many-step task is completed with only a few user clicks.

Automating Manual Work

Using a 21-day project delivery process, your manual work quickly becomes a past memory.

3 week timeline for automation work.

Automation Evaluation: A no-obligation 30-minute conversation about the process you want to automate. At the end of the conversation, whether or not you choose to pursue the work with us further, we’ll send you a process map and notes on the best way to automate the process.

Building the solution: Once you are ready, we’ll begin to build an automated solution. Your manual process will be converted into a few easy clicks.

Testing and feedback: Testing begins as soon as the automation begins to take shape. Quick feedback, as early as possible, ensures that the solution works for the users.

Project Close: The automated process is handed to the people who were doing to the manual process. Testing and feedback have been part of the whole project, and the handoff is the symbolic moment that the organization moves from the manual method to the automated process.

What Can You Automate?

  • Data entry without typing
  • Automate cheque reconciliation
  • Moving data from one app to another
  • Send automated emails
  • Transaction processing from a spreadsheet
  • Auto-fill forms
  • Distribute reports daily