Running Dry

There will be times when you feel like you are running dry when you feel like you have nothing to offer the world. I feel this way today. 

I’m an optimistic person, and I can always see a better future ahead. But some days I run out of energy and I don’t see the better future, the road to it, or any evidence that I am helping anyone make their way down that road. 

Sometimes the path is dark, you are exhausted, and no voice of encouragement breaks through (even though there are many voices of support cheering you on.) When the light is dim, and your strength fades. Do two things: 

  1. Reach up – to something bigger than yourself
  2. Step forward – because you don’t have anywhere else to go

If your next step causes you to trip and fall, at least you will fall forward. And if you tumble, you will remember to get up, because you will want to continue reaching towards a position that is far higher than you currently are. 

You might run dry. But it doesn’t mean that the spring inside of you is quenched forever.