Running Out Of Words

What if you run out of words to say? What if you wrote a blog and you didn’t have anything to say anymore? Would it be a genuine lack of words, or is it something else?

If you are out of words, is it because you are trying to talk about the wrong thing?

You can always find something to say that will help someone. To do this, you must have your eyes open to see where people can use their skills and knowledge.

You can always ask questions that will help you understand the world better. If you do this, you must truly care about the people with whom you are engaging.

You can always research and summarize something and present it so that it can be easy to digest and use by someone.

Not Out Of Words, Out Of Focus

If you seem to be out of words, it is because you somehow thought that what you were saying is supposed to bring some benefit to yourself. You run out of words when you can’t think of more ways to promote yourself.

You will never run out of words if your words are always meant to lift others up and make them better. If you use words, make sure that it is for others.