Safety and Significance

The most important work I am choosing to focus on for myself and my business is to provide every person with safety and significance.

Feeling safe means that a person doesn’t feel that they will be harmed in any way. The concept of safety goes far beyond physical security. People want to know that they are safe to contribute without being ridiculed. People want their family-life to be safe because they have a good work-life balance. People need to feel that their work environment is predictable so that they can make decisions that will continue to be safe for them tomorrow. Providing psychological safety is extremely important to people.

When people have significance, they understand that they have a role to play and a contribution to make to others. Daniel Pink’s book Drive tells us that the best environment for workers is one where people have a combination of autonomy, mastery, and purpose. When people control their world, can work to make things better and have a reason to improve, they understand their significance. A seemingly insurmountable roadblock at times is the thinking that because of a certain attribute, someone cannot attain autonomy, mastery, and purpose. I believe that every person has significance. Therefore it is a matter of helping people uncover their significance rather than forcing a person’s ‘drive.’

If the tools and work that I contribute will provide you with an increasing sense of safety and significance, my offering has succeeded.

I previously wrote a post about safety and significance from the business perspective. If you are looking for that post, you can find it here.