Sales Process

All of the people in the world.
Minus: the people who you aren’t ever planning to sell to.
Minus: The people who don’t have the problem you are solving.
Minus: The people who are satisfied with their current solution to the problem.
Minus: The people who aren’t ready to pay someone to solve the problem.
Minus: The people who don’t want your specific product.
Equals: A group of customers for you to serve.

Customers To Serve

Once you have a group of customers to serve, you know who you should be presenting your offer to. Don’t bother telling the whole world about your offer; focus on the people who you can serve. Concentrate on the people for whom you can change the world.

The purpose of business is to serve people with your specific gifts. The purpose of the sales process is to target that particular group so that you spend your time effectively.

Focus on your group of customers.