What are you afraid of?

Your fear is valid. You are right: all of those worst-case scenarios could happen. In fact, it could be even worse than you imagine.

Don’t let anyone tell you that you shouldn’t be afraid. You can’t tell someone how they should feel.

I acknowledge that you are scared. And your feelings are valid. You have every right to be afraid. But you are going to have to act anyway. Just because you are afraid doesn’t give you the freedom to sit on the sidelines. Every day a single mother walks into work, scared that the company might downsize and she will have no way to support her curly-haired son in grade one. Every day a senior executive goes to work scared that he isn’t paying enough attention to his two daughters. Everyone is scared of something.

The only antidote to fear is action. When you act, you take the focus from yourself and put it on your objective. It is in acting that you tell yourself that you have overcome the barrier of fear. Action in the face of fear is courage.

Go out and be courageous today.