Search Optimization

The prevailing advice today is that you should optimize your site so that search engines will be able to rank your site number one or two. The right combination of keywords, content, and links means that you will be the site that everyone sees when they search for your specific term.

The problem is that if you optimize for a search engine, and the search engine changes the way it looks at your site, you have to start all over again. You are playing a game with the search engine companies. And you have to abide by their rules, or else you will lose your rank.

Optimize To Be Searched For

Instead of spending your time optimizing to be the first search result, you should spend your time optimizing to be the person or company for whom someone is searching. To do this, you must be offering people something helpful to them. You must be a friend to people. You must be a trusted and reliable helper. You must also clearly tell people how you will help them. Once you are trusted, then when someone needs your offering, they won’t search for the general term and choose from number one or two. They will search for you: and you will be number one because you are the only you.

Optimize to be at the forefront of your customer’s mind when they have the problem that they can solve. Don’t worry about how the search engines rank you; worry about how the people you connect with rank you. And then get better at optimizing for this connection.