Self Doubt

At some point in your project management journey, you will probably be consumed with self-doubt. You will wonder if what you do next even matters. You won’t be sure if you are having any impact at all.

Projects magnify your feelings of self-doubt because you won’t see success until after the project is complete. You start to work on a project to make a change in the world. But you won’t see the impact of the change until after the project is complete. You might see that the software is built, the building is constructed, or the strategy is developed, but the change that each of these brings won’t be apparent until after the project is complete.

So you will have self-doubt because you can’t know for sure that you will make the change you want.

But just because you doubt the future, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t continue to throw yourself into the new work. If you don’t manage your project well and succeed in producing the deliverables, you have zero chance of making a change in the world. Do your best. Manage your project well, and you have far more chance of making a dent in the future than if you allow yourself to be paralyzed by your self-doubt.

Act today.