Show Up and Change The World

When you show up, the world should become a different place.

Whether you attend a meeting, a rock concert, church, or work, your presence should mean that something good happens that would not have happened otherwise. What happens doesn’t have to appear as the top story on a national media site, but it does have to affect at least one person, and it must be a change for the better.

We might often find ourselves in a place or event where we think that we can’t contribute. If you show up for a meeting, and leave without changing someone: why did you go? If you go to a concert and someone isn’t a little bit better because of your smile, word, or helping hand, what opportunity have you missed?

Being a world changer isn’t about the significant one-off changes that you can suddenly make. Generally, only dictators and con artists have a chance to make changes for people on such a large scale at the same time. You can make little changes that rock individual worlds.

How to change the world

If you are unsure of what you should do to change the world today? Try something from this list:

  1. Smile at someone. Truly be happy to see them. (Even if it is someone that you don’t know.)
  2. Listen. Ask someone how you can help. Listen to and act on their response.
  3. Do something to help. Open a door, let someone go first, pick something up that they dropped.
  4. Commit to changing the world. Don’t leave somewhere until you have done something to make the world better.

Show up and change the world.