Skunk/ Don’t be Noseblind

A skunk’s smell is really hard to get rid of. I’ve heard people say that when their dog walked through where a skunk has sprayed, their house smelled for weeks. No matter what you do, you always have that smell at the tip of your nose.

The interesting thing about smells is that the body adapts to a new smell very quickly. Usually, within a couple of minutes, the smell fades out from being top-of-mind. It only comes back into focus if there is a particularly strong whiff of the scent, or if you think about it again.

The same thing can happen to you with any bad behaviour or unwanted results from your project team. At first, you might clearly see that your team members aren’t acting in the best interest of the project. But if you wait long enough, the behaviour will simply be considered normal behaviour. There won’t be any concern about bad behaviour.

Be sure that you address issues the first time that you see them. When they smell bad, and you can see how damaging they are. Don’t let bad behaviour or unproductivity linger, because you might become blind to it, and it won’t seem like a problem anymore.