So Many Voices

In recent weeks, as we all have been forced to stay physically isolated from each other, there has been a proliferation of online voices. Some voices are the constant updates from news outlets, the government, or businesses telling us the latest update on the virus and how it affects our world. Other voices are from people who now feel that they have to post something to add to people’s lives.

All of the additional noise has made me re-evaluate my daily blogging habit. I don’t want to be another source of static that people have to wade through on their way to distilling truth. On the other hand, I want to share my experience with others so that if by any chance they can benefit from it, they do.

The balance of another voice, and offering value, remind us all again of the choices that we have in our digital world. We can turn off the voices that we don’t need to listen to right now. If something is stressful or overwhelming, mute it for a while. If my blog isn’t helpful right now, unsubscribe and come back later. If this blog would be helpful to people, you know, tell them to subscribe.

You shouldn’t mute all of the voices that cause you dissonance, all of the time. Dissonance and divergence in thought ensure that we make well-informed, well-rounded decisions. But sometimes you need to step out of the noisy room to have a quiet moment by yourself. If you need to step out, please do. And take care of yourself.

(BTW – I will continue blogging.)