Solve the Problem

I have a client solution right now that I am not able to get into their office to install. It involves a report of daily statistics and analysis that are useful in their daily operations. Because of my schedule and my need to balance a few priorities I won’t be able to make the office appointment for at least another week. But that doesn’t mean that I can solve the client’s problem.

I have set up the extraction automation to run every morning. The analysis report is then emailed to the business owner. It’s not running on their computer, so it’s not the solution in it’s final form, but it gets the client exactly what they need: an updated report every day.

It’s not always about implementing the requirements as described, sometimes it is better to give the client what they need. In this case they need the report to make decisions. And that is what I can deliver right now. The client can make the decisions they need to, and we get to install the full solution next week when my schedule calms down a bit.