What should you do when you can’t find a topic to write about?
Start writing.

What should you do when you don’t know how to solve a problem?
Start working on it as if you have the answer.

What should you do if you are losing a customer because they see better value elsewhere?
Continue to deliver as if they were your best customer.

What should you do when a relationship is crumbling?
Smile and greet the person in the way you would if the relationship were perfect.

Don’t fake it.
This advice isn’t fake it until you make it.
Act as if what you want to happen is already in progress.

What you are doing is leading with your vision. You are telling everyone where you are going. Not everything will go perfectly how you expected it every time, but you will be surprised at how many time the action will create reality.

The concept of looking ahead by your action is similar to the idea of navigating through crowds by looking ahead to where you want to go.