Stick With It

If you complete your project, it will be because you stuck with it.

If you give up on a project or stop when it gets difficult, it will never be completed. We all know practically that if we stop working on something, it isn’t going to be successful. Often we don’t live out that knowledge. We let other work get in the way of the projects that we want to complete. We stop when it gets hard because we are waiting for a time that we will “feel like working on this.” The reality is that the most important action for you to take is to keep coming back to the work and doing it.

You must commit to completing your project when you start. Then you must stick to that commitment until the project is done. You won’t climb Mount Everest by waiting until you feel like it. And you won’t complete your project if you wait for only sunny days. Stick with your project; it is the only way that it will be completed.