Superbowl Sunday

It’s Superbowl Sunday. The Patriots are going to play the Rams today. Winner takes all. Loser takes second place. Here are some thoughts for the day.

Zero Sum Game for Some

Today there will be a winner and a loser. Tonight after the game the winning team is going to celebrate. The losing side is going to feel like losers. No one on the losing team is going to say, ‘well that was a learning experience.’ At least they aren’t going to say it right away. Eventually, they will realize that it was a learning experience, and if they embrace the lessons, maybe it will help them rise to glory.

Tonight’s game is a zero-sum game. You can’t collaborate your way to 100%. To win, you must make the other team lose. I like watching football, but I hate it when other things (work, negotiations, selling, the government is a zero-sum game. ) We always have a chance to be better together. Life doesn’t have to be a football game.

Second Place Isn’t a Happy Place

The second place team isn’t going to be happy when they lose. They aren’t going to think: ‘We are amongst the best 90 American football players in the world.’ Even though the top 90 players out of 7.5 BILLION people. All they can think about is that they weren’t amongst the top 45 in the world. When you are in second place, your anchor point is first place.

Don’t let your anchor point weigh you down. Look around and see the good side too.

Execute On The Habit

Tony Dungy took his NFL team to 10 consecutive championships. He did this by stressing the habits that his team need to master. The team that wins tonight is going to be the team that can repeat the basics over and over. Even as they grow tired, also as they become frustrated or elated, they need to stick to the basics. If the basics slip, they are going to leave room for the opposing team to attack. The winning team will consistently execute. It will be as if it is an ingrained habit. And with this consistent habit, they will wait for the small opening, and they will pounce. Winning will depend on the ability to do the basics consistently.

Act consistently, execute, make it a habit. You will win because you keep on going.