If Success Is A Given, You’re Too Late

If you are sure that something will be a success, you have missed an opportunity. Risk and opportunity are opposite sides of the same coin. In the context of this post, we define opportunity as the chance to do or become something better than yesterday.

If you are entirely sure that some action will be successful, then there is no additional opportunity there. You don’t have any risk, and the benefit curve will drive to zero. There are many situations that you may think of where you feel that there seems to be a lot of opportunities, but no risk. For example, you might think about a job. You might feel that there is no risk to losing your job, but that there is an opportunity because you are making a paycheque. You are earning a paycheque, but you always risk getting fired, restructured into a job that you don’t like, or lose your ability to do the job. These risks offset the opportunity that you have to make a difference in your workplace. The risk/opportunity balance is highlighted as you increase in responsibility. The more responsibility, the more likely you are to have to conform to the job requirements. The less sure you are that you will be successful. At the same time, there is a greater opportunity to make a difference and to increase your paycheque.

Another example of risk and opportunity is heart surgery. You may go for the sure-thing heart surgery. There is a minimal (relative to other options) chance that the operation will fail. The risk is small, and the opportunity is that your life will be saved. But if you are offered a new cutting edge surgery, you will have to consider a higher risk of dying. But with the higher risk comes the more significant opportunity. If the surgery is successful or not, you could serve science, and what surgeons learn could save thousands of lives.

Today I am releasing something that is not a sure thing. Earlier in January 2019, I posted about a project inbox minimum viable product(MVP.) I also talked about the plan to deliver the MVP. Today you can see the MVP and sign up to get on the customer list. Risk and opportunity: choose the opportunity, embrace the corresponding risk.

Check out the Project Inbox MVP here.