Why Project Management?

Why do companies and people do this activity called ‘project management’? 

When you set out to finish a project as a company, department, or employee, you have every intention of completing the work. You also expect that the work will be used. And most fulfilling, you expect that the work that you do will benefit the world (sometimes through your department or company.) 

Work would not be very inspiring if you started out by saying: “This is the project that I have been assigned, but:

  • I’ll probably only do about half of what I promised I would
  • No-one will ever use it what I produce
  • and it will have absolutely no positive impact on the world.”

And yet, many projects that people start finishes with the work only partially done, and the benefit is far less than possible.

The reason that you need to spend time intentionally managing your project is to ensure you make an impact. Managing the project ensures that the work gets done, the end-user (or customer) can use what is created, and that the right benefits are realized when the project is complete. 

You spend time managing your finances by balancing your bank statements and planning for a vacation. You manage your career by taking courses and improving your skills. You manage your home-renovation work so that it gets done, and you don’t run out of money. Managing at-work projects should be granted the same extra attention to managing the work and results. 

Companies and people do project management so that they can deliver what they say they will deliver.