Tell People What You Do Repeatedly

For people to understand what you will help them with you, have to repeat your message.

We often value the new and innovative as the companies where we will be most likely to buy something. But it isn’t the new companies who you are most likely to get your business. Instead, it is the companies which have frequently told you what they do, and what problem they are solving for you. Coca-Cola isn’t the most innovative company: it has been around for 127 years. But they have constantly told us how Coke will make us feel better, live better, and be someone special when we drink it. With this constant reminder, we are likely to reach for a can of Coke the next time we pull something out of the cooler. Apple tells us that they are the best for people who want to stand out. Facebook is about connecting with other people. We know this because they have told us their mission.

You must consistently repeat your message if you want people to understand how you can help them.
If any of these companies stopped telling us about what they do, and what they offer, would we keep going back to them? Probably not. It would be too difficult to say that an Apple phone symbolizes more of an individual spirit than an Android phone. But we know that it is true because the company keeps us telling us it is true.

We must understand: it isn’t manipulation or even sales. What Apple, Amazon, Google, and everyone else is doing is to tell us about how they are trying to help us. In fact, it is their social responsibility to tell us about what they offer. If they don’t tell us how else would we know? The same is true for you. If you don’t tell your customers what you offer, or what you stand for, how will they know? If you keep on changing your message, how will they be able to get help for their problem?

Consistent repetition of your message will help people realize what you have to provide them.

Tell people what you do.

Ask them how you can help them.

Listen to them.

Explain how you will help.

Find someone else to help them if it isn’t you.

Tell people again how you can help them change the world.