Telling The Truth

Telling the truth doesn’t only mean that you don’t lie. Telling the truth doesn’t mean that you only speak in ‘good faith.’ Telling the truth means that you are diligent to know what is true, and then spread it to others.

Don’t Lie

A lie is the opposite of telling the truth. A lie is a statement that is intended to be deceptive. There is no time that a lie can be used to express the truth. There may be times when lies are needed to fight for justice and right, but you don’t lead people to the truth by being deceptive. If you are misleading, even if people eventually see the truth, they will always wonder if there is a second layer of deception that they should worry about.

‘Good Faith’ Isn’t Good Enough

Merely speaking out in good faith doesn’t mean that you are speaking the truth. Good faith simply means that you are not intentionally misleading. Good faith does not say that you know what the truth is and that you are leading people to it. You can be completely ignorant on a subject but still, speak out in good faith because you think you are helping. Good faith is in the same category as good intentions.

Tell The Truth

Telling the truth starts with you being aware of what is true. Then you must have the courage to speak the truth. Lastly, you must have the persistence to repeat the truth until everyone knows it. Prejudice grows when people think that speaking the truth a few times is enough. The truth will spread when everyone is steadfast in ensuring that we speak it at every opportunity.

Telling the truth is an active choice that you must make. Spread the truth.