The 5 Things You Need To Do When You Wake Up

How you wake up can set the tone for your entire day. Most of us don’t give any thought to our wake-up routine. The alarm goes off, we hit snooze. The alarm goes off again, we turn it off and swing our legs out of bed. We start our morning routine. Four hours later we wonder why we feel so cranky, or why we haven’t gotten anything done. What you do when you first wake up can have a profound effect on how your day goes. Here are 5 things that you need to do when you first wake up:

  1. Think of something that you are grateful for. This simple act will start your day by thinking about all of the good things that you have in your life. There are many benefits to gratitude. The best benefit of staring the morning by being grateful is that you start your day in a place of contentment, rather than want. You start your day fulfilled, not feeling like you are empty and are missing something.
  2. Pray or meditate. Even though you might say that there is no God, taking a moment first-thing in your morning to focus on someone outside of yourself is a great start to the day. Praying helps you organize your thoughts as you offer your gratitude. And you get talk about the things that are weighing most heavily on your mind.
  3. Plan you morning. This planning doesn’t need to be complex. The 60 seconds that you spend reviewing everything that needs to be done to get you to the office will make sure that you don’t end up missing something. When you think through the morning plan you can avoid last minute land-mines such as missing homework, lunches that are forgotten to be made, or having time to let the dog out.
  4. Think of one nice thing that you can do for a significant other. Thinking about someone else ensures that you are intentional about growing in your relationships. What you do for someone else doesn’t have to be part of your morning routine, but having a plan for what you intend to do will increase the likelihood of you following through. It is the small kind acts that will accumulate over time to strengthen relationships. Planning one every day helps you plan to put a small deposit into at least one relationship every day.
  5. Visualize the obstacles in your day. Thinking about the obstacles in your day seems counter-productive. Wouldn’t it be better to visualize your success? Studies have shown that focusing on your success will make you feel as if you have already achieved it. But if you take a moment to think about your biggest obstacles for the day will begin to solve them in your subconcious. You don’t need to stress about your obstacles, or solve them first-thing in the morning, but thinking about them will help you know what your biggest challenges are for the day.

Everyone wakes up. What you do in the first few minutes after you wake up can have a profound effect on your day. Start your day off with these 5 simple actions and you will find yourself filled with gratitude, focused on others, and ready to take on the challenges of the day.