The Cure for Writer’s Block

Writer’s block is a real thing. Sometimes you can’t think of anything to write. A blank mind can happen when you are about to write a blog post, create a business plan, or send communication to your project sponsor. 

The cure for writer’s block is to sit down and: 

  1. Write the first word
  2. Then write the first sentence
  3. The write first paragraph
  4. Then check if you still have writer’s block. 

When writer’s block strikes, don’t worry about writing your whole article, or memo, or technical document. Think about the first word. I’ll give it to you for free: start with “The.” When you have the first word and sentence, keep moving. After your first paragraph, you are probably no longer blocked. In case you still are, repeat this process for each section until your work is complete. 

The key to writer’s block, as with so many aspects of success, is not to work towards the final goal. Your work, when you have writer’s block, is to take the next baby step. Take the next smallest step you can take. You’ll be surprised at how quickly these tiny steps get you to your destination.