The Dishwasher Automation

Look at your dishwasher. Your dishwasher is automation that we are completely comfortable with. You put your dishes in, press a button, and an hour later, you can put your clean dishes in the cupboard. Before dishwashers were standard, we would spend hours washing and drying dishes every day.

One day someone came up with a new invention that would solve the problem of dirty dishes and the time that we spent to make them clean so that we could put them back in our cupboards. At first, people didn’t believe that dishwashers were very good. And sometimes the dishes didn’t get completely clean. But there was enough time saved that even if you had to rewash a few dishes, you still saved more time than if you had to wash all of the dishes. As time passed, dishwashers became better and using them because more of a habit. Soon it was more likely that you would use a dishwasher than do your dishes by hand.

The same is true of back-office automation. At first, people will see some of the automation, and it will solve a small problem. But it will still feel a little clunky, and many people feel that they can do better work manually. As the automation becomes more commonplace and easy to use, more people will adopt it. Even if we have to occasionally make a correction where the automation isn’t perfect, it will be better than doing the work by hand. Eventually, we will live in a world where back-office automation is commonplace, and we don’t think twice when we use it. We will put our work into the box, and the final result will pop out.

Office-work automation is coming, and you can benefit from it when you realize that it will be as helpful and non-threatening as your dishwasher.