The Enabled User

An Enabled User is someone who has the tools they need to complete the work that they are required to do. The person’s work may be to make a significant cultural change in the world or finish the accounting report by midnight. When your solutions enable users, it puts them in a position to be better at what they do today than they were yesterday. 

There are a few metrics that can be measured, demonstrating that you have successfully enabled people with the change you have delivered. If your people are enabled: 

  1. You can count the increased throughput of a single part of work. (Eg. Invoices processed, sales conversations held, deliveries made, etc.) 
  2. You can see increased use of the system (more logins, additional access to specific screens.) This isn’t a metric that you should use on its own since other factors could increase the use of a system.
  3. You can count the additional requests that you receive from the group that you have delivered to. People seek out people who help them. If you are helping people, they will come to you for more help. 

Enable people to do their work. You will be an invaluable resource when you do.