The Fear Of Doubling Down

We are afraid to go all-in for our dreams because we become afraid that if we double-down on one aspect, we will miss an opportunity. Another way to explain our problem is that if we go all-in on one opportunity, we lose the ability to invest in another opportunity. We know from behavioural economics that we invest twice as much in avoiding pain as we will to pursue a gain. (Here’s a great video.) What this means for our work is that given two possible opportunities, we will only choose one confidently if we are convinced that we will gain twice as much as any other opportunity. Since no opportunity is guaranteed, we can’t convince ourselves to commit to a single opportunity.

No opportunity is guaranteed, so to benefit, you will have to commit to a course of action. Agile methodologies show us that we don’t have to put ourselves in a position of fatal failure at every step of growth, but there is no perfectly safe road to success. At some point, you will have to double down.