The Next Level

Don’t be afraid to go to the next level.

When I was younger, I played a lot of computer games. I loved our Commodore 64. We would sit for hours and play Epyx Summer Games, Impossible Mission, or Bruce Lee. The goal was always to get a little better or to get to the next level. It was a bit about competing with others around you, but the key driver was to be a bit better than you were last time. I wasn’t trying to beat someone else, I was trying to make myself better than last time, and my brother being better than me was a benchmark that I was shooting for.

Everyone should take the next-level approach to life.

Success isn’t about whether you are beating someone else. Success is when you advance one level. Be better than yesterday. Give a little more, learn a bit more, find a way to be more productive. You don’t compete against other people because you need to crush them, but because they provide you with a good benchmark. If someone is more effective than you in the arena where you operate, then use this as a motivator to be better. Win by making yourself better, don’t win by tearing them down.

I was challenged to go to the next level with my podcast. I have been sharing my thought-of-the-day every day. To take the podcast to the next level, I plan to share a useful bit of information in the most educational way possible. The criteria for the podcast is: it has to be educational, and it has to be something that people can practically use. (And it still has to be very short.)

Getting To The Next Level Is Hard Work

Getting to the next level is never easy. You have to learn something. You have to practice. You have to grow. I’m going to have to do more research for my podcast. I’ll have to make sure that I am teaching something useful. It is going to be a lot of work.

But it will be worth it. When I get to the next level, I will have arrived . . . at the next level. And then I can look forward to the next one. And the one following that.

What is the next level that you are working towards? I hope you get there today.