The Next Productivity Super Power

The next productivity superpower will be the ability to complete your projects on time.

In project management, there is a concept called the triple constraint. These constraints are time, cost, and scope. A triangle often represents the triple constraint. The area inside the triangle is the quality of the completed project that you are delivering.

The triple constraint model is helpful. If you need to get a project done more quickly, you can add additional cost and reduce the scope. If you have more people working on a project (more money) and do less (less scope), then you will get your project done hastily (less time.)

Do you want to have your customers clamour for your product or services? Ignore the triple constraint and adopt a new mantra: Done On Time.

Here is how Done On Time works:

  1. Your project gets delivered on time according to the project plan.
  2. This project provides the results promised, as defined in the business case that sparked the project.

My promise to you:

  • If you get your project done when you promised shipment, you will stand out as unusual.
  • If you can show results, and continue to report on these results six months after the project is complete, you will be memorable.

If you complete all of your projects on time, you are a productivity superhero. With your superpower, there is no end to what you can accomplish. People will seek out your work.