The Playing Feild. Subtitle: Limits

Do you know that the scariest thing in the world is: setting limits to what you plan to do; Choosing your niche; Deciding that you will serve one group of customers and not another; Defining your project scope; Deciding on your life’s focus and work.

When you start a project, you have a general idea of the change that you want to make. At some point in the requirement gathering and project planning, people begin to add some additional ‘nice to have’ items to the list.

Examples of ‘nice-to-have’ items.

  • If we are talking about a new accounting system, can we look at a new credit card processing system also? Both of them are related to money.
  • If we are working on a fundraising campaign, maybe we should design a new mission statement.
  • If we are expanding into another funding source, perhaps we should change our accounting software.

Limits Will Happen

You must define limits at some point. Sometimes the boundaries are thrust on us because of funding or resource constraints. Sometimes we run into a wall because we tried to do too much, and the limit is our organization’s, or our own personal, capabilities.

But you are better off if you choose your own limits. Because then you are choosing your own playing field. Decide what you won’t deliver in this project, and state this loudly. Make sure that everyone knows. When you start a business, tell people who you are serving, and who you are not. Make sure the people you are helping know that you are committed to them.

Creating your own playing field lets you solve the problems within that area. You don’t have to worry about the countless possibilities out there. You only have to worry about solving the problems on the field where you have chosen to play.

It is scary to limit yourself. To think that you won’t have unlimited choice and opportunity. But infinite is a false goal anyway. You couldn’t handle unlimited. You only need enough. And if you have decided what enough is, it is easier to define your field. Don’t be scared of limiting yourself to one topic, one goal, or one focus. It doesn’t restrict your ability to affect change; it merely focuses your energy to create a greater impact.