The Power Of One Hour

There is power in a single hour. Sometimes we don’t want to start work because we know that we won’t have the chance to finish it before our next appointment. Other times we feel overwhelmed by the fact that we have a whole day of a tedious task ahead of us. 

Sometimes you need to put your blinders on and only focus on the next sixty minutes. There are several advantages to focusing on the next hour:

  1. You will get started on something. Even if you don’t finish it, your subconscious will continue to mull it over during your next appointment. Even though you only worked an hour on it, the work has now become a part of you. 
  2. You won’t be overwhelmed by the seemingly impossible. If the task is so big that it seems like a mountain that you could never climb, sometimes taking the first few steps will help you see that it won’t be that hard. 
  3. If it does turn out that you don’t make any progress, you have only wasted an hour. You can regroup and try something new for the next hour. 

The hours add up. Don’t waste the power in each hour.