The Project Management Triangle

Imagine a triangle. One side is the cost. One side is scope. One side is the schedule. The area in the middle called quality.

This triangle is your project. If you increase the scope side, you have to increase either the budget or schedule. If you increase want to reduce the schedule, you have to reduce the scope or increase the budget. And for every change you make, the quality that you deliver in your project looks different.

Cost (budget), scope (impact), and schedule(time) are interrelated when it comes to your project. You cannot change one without affecting another. If you were to make an equation, it would look like this:

Quality = Scope + Budget + Schedule

Except that in this equation, Quality always must equal 10. You can choose to distribute the values to Scope, Budget, and Schedule in whatever way you want. But you have to spread the numbers in a way that always balances. If you change one number, you have to change the others.

Scope, Budget, Schedule are all connected. Changes to one affect all of these attributes.