The Real and the Ideal

Today Andy Stanley from Northpoint Church was talking about parenting. In his sermon, he outlined that there is an ideal parenting situation, and then there is reality. He emphasized that even though reality doesn’t measure up to the ideal, we shouldn’t stop talking about perfection. By excluding the best vision for the future, we don’t give people a chance to glimpse how good it could be and aspire to that better life.

Your Work – The Real and the Ideal

The same principle that Andy talked about in light of parenting can also be applied to your work. Sometimes we stop talking about the ideal structure, situation, or process because we see that reality doesn’t lend itself to support this perfection. We give up on trying to change how projects are delivered, or budgets are approved because it seems that there are too many barriers to being able to have replicable success.

But just because reality doesn’t reflect a perfect world, don’t stop talking about a better place where everything works together. If you give up and only focus on ‘reality’ you deprive everyone of the chance to be better and achieve better.

We all live in the reality in which we have been placed. Don’t lose your desire to make your ideal world become reality.