The Results Formula

I’m reading a primer on Six Sigma Process Management right now. In the book, the authors write about the formula:

Results = Quality x Acceptance
R = Q xA

Other sites talk about the formula being:

Quality x Acceptance = Excellence

Results = Quality x Acceptance is a great formula to explain why releasing early and often is a good idea. No matter how good your product is, if you haven’t released it, there is no acceptance. If no-one accepts (uses) what you have, then there are no results. On the other hand, even low fidelity release that people can use has some benefits. Observe the comparison chart below.

If all of the factors are equal, having a small bit of acceptance can pay off in the long run. Not only will you have a compound benefit from your results, but you will also receive customer feedback that helps you improve the product in the future. Having an acceptance score of seven on the first release week of your ‘One big release’ project is unlikely. But if your customers have been involved in the project for a few weeks already, having a higher acceptance score could be reasonable with the momentum you are building.

Results = Quality x Acceptance is a formula that explains the power of the Agile methodology. The formula also helps us quantify the release early, release often philosophy.

Release early, release often, and always be listening to your customers.