The Simple Idea

Sometimes you need to start with the simple idea. When you think of a solution to a problem, don’t let yourself spiral into a daydream of what it will become. We often do a good job of starting with the simple solution, but then we realize the potential of what we are building.

We recognize that if we build “Solution A,” we’ll be well-poised to create “Solution B.” And if we have “Solution B,” then we’re just a small step from “Solution C.” We get more and more excited about the chain of solutions, and we eventually realize that we are about to solve the problem of world hunger. Unfortunately, when we start building, we now have the focus of saving the world, not merely solving “Problem A.” When “Problem A” gets hard, we abandon it because we aren’t near the grand goal.

Start with your simple problem, execute, complete what you are working on, and move on to the next issue. Eventually, you may get close to solving the grandest problem, and when you do, you will find that you have a mountain of experience and resources which support your success. You will get where you are going because you stuck with one simple idea at a time.