The System

Your system must support your outcome.

We all can tell customer service stories about when a company’s system does nothing except to frustrate the customer. Usually, this happens when employees lose sight of the purpose of the business. If the purpose of their work is not clarified, employees won’t know where to focus. If management doesn’t over-communicate about the mission, employees will take a shotgun approach to do their work. Employees will try to do everything and end up doing nothing well.

It’s is your job as the manager or project manager to communicate purpose. Be clear. Be concise. Ask people to repeat the goal back to you so that you know that you have informed them well. Then build your systems.

Make it easy for your employees to act within your systems. Don’t create conflicts in priorities (like a telecom who creates competition between wireless and landline services.) Build your systems well and communicate your purpose. If your systems align with your purpose, you will always deliver what you promise.