The Tool You Use

The tool doesn’t matter much; it is the who wants it most who makes it happen. 

We often go looking for the right tool to help us accomplish what we need. We think that if we have a new piece of software, life will become much easier. This may be true, but most often, the efficiency that new software, or a new process, provides doesn’t solve the core problem. If you become more efficient because you have new software, you are probably saving time because of faster load times, or quicker calculations. But if the true problem is that you don’t have the right information in your system when the customer needs it: no speed is going to help you. 

We can gain so much efficiency with a project tool. Focus on fixing the process; don’t worry about the tools for now. Are you having trouble getting people to complete the work that is set out? 

  • Maybe they don’t understand it: then it is an education process that needs to be fixed. 
  • Maybe they don’t see the value: then, it is a visioning process that needs to be fixed. 
  • Maybe they have too much other work: then it is an organizational priority process to be fixed. 

Your tools are essential, but you can make must more significant gains by focusing on the way your work is done.