The Truly Great

The truly great people learn from other people.
The truly great people build people up.
The truly great people help you learn something new.
The truly great people don’t cater to your ‘potential’, they challenge you to act on strengths that you have.

How to become a truly great person:

  • Make mistakes
  • Admit them
  • Listen to others
  • Care about what they say
  • Give of yourself
  • Don’t manipulate
  • Play to win
  • Play so that everyone wins
  • Live to give away as much as you can.
  • Only hold onto something if it will increase giving ability later.

Indicators of a truly great person:

  • People seek them out
  • You want to be around them
  • You want to help the people that the great person is helping
  • At their funeral someone tells a story that no-one knew about how ‘she helped me,’ but no-one is surprised by the story. Because we all have stories of our own.

Truly great has nothing to do with stature or position. It has everything to do with posture.