The Waterbottle Effect

Put a water bottle on your desk, and you will feel at some point during the day that you should drink more water. Even if it isn’t until the end of the day when you take the bottle home, you’ll still have a little nudge to tell you that you should hydrate more.

Put the water bottle in a little bit more prominent position every day. Eventually, you won’t be able to forget about it or ignore it. You will start drinking more water. Continue to put that water bottle in a prominent position every day, and you soon be drinking the right amount of water each day.

You can use the water bottle effect in other ways. Put the most important piece of work in a prominent place every day. You may put it on the top of your checklist daily, or placing the folder just below your keyboard where it will sit all day. Both ways will bring this critical task to mind all of the time. You will be able to ignore it at first, but eventually, you won’t want to. You will want to remove that distraction from your desk.

Use the water bottle effect to build habits and shape your actions so that doing the right thing is easy.