This Blog Article Is About You

This blog post is about you.

Every blog post is about you. I write to put my thoughts out there for people to read and hopefully benefit from in some way. My hope is that when I write something it touches someone so that the have a positive change in their life. I don’t know what it might be that changes your life. I don’t know if it is a comment on project management, or an opinion on why we should use one process management tool over another. It could just be thoughts on the value of people, or how upholding truth is so very important. No matter what I write, I hope that it connects with you, and makes your life better.

This blog post is about you. Tomorrow’s blog post will be about you. All of the blog posts are about you. If they were about me, or for me, I would just write a journal and read it to myself occasionally. But I prefer this more.

This blog post is about you. And it’s my gift to you.