This is a Repeat. You May Have Heard This Before

Now that I am posting to my blog every day I want to make one thing clear. It is possible that I am going to blog about the same thing over and over again. I am not going to worry about it if I do.

I want this blog to be as close to everyday conversation as possible. And if you were to regularly have everyday conversations with me you would find that I have repeating themes.

  • I think that everything in the world should be automated, except for those things that only humans can do. (Things like having a truly empathetic response, reaching out in love, making true emotion connections, and being creative.)
  • I think that people should be fully engaged in their work. (That is why we should automate the un-engaging and repetitive parts.)
  • I think that if you are working on a project, you should see it to completion so that what you are doing will change the world.
  • I also think that if you are working on a project and you see that it won’t change the world in a way that you want it to, you should end the project as soon as possible.
  • I think that every single person has a contribution to make.

I think many, many more things. And you are going to read about them in this blog. As with everything that people are passionate about, I’m going to write about all of the above. And then when the conversation starts to run dry, I’m going to write about it some more. Hopefully I will keep having new insights about the topics. I hope that I can keep encouraging everyone else in their work.

I won’t apologize for repeating myself. Sometimes it takes several re-runs for a conversation to sink in (both for myself, and maybe you.) But if you find that it is too boring or repetitive, please give me a nudge to tell me what I should be writing about. Tell me the topics that I am missing, or what you wish that we could explore together. I’m looking forward to growing today and every day. And that is something worth repeating.