Today’s Hero

Once upon a time.

There was a hero.

But he didn’t know it.

He had the power to understand what people wanted. He was able to empathize with people because he was willing to take the time to really listen.

Some people around him treated his superpower as a weakness. Why do you spend so much time talking to people? Why aren’t you ever at your desk? Why do you have to get everyone’s thoughts on small changes you are facilitating?

And then one day he realized they were right. And so was he.

He did spend a lot of time with people. His superpower could be a weakness because he could never deliver something without checking into how any person affected by the change would feel about it.

And he decided:

He was ok with a superpower that could be a weakness. Delivering what the ‘customer’ or end-user wanted was most important. And he was good at understanding what people wanted (or at least trying to listen to what people wanted.)

And the hero marched forward.

Even if only a few understood.

[It was supposed to be fiction Friday. It turned out to be autobiography Friday.]