Tolerance For Embarasment

To be a good innovator or a good business-person, you have to have a high tolerance for embarrassment. You must have the ability to feel embarrassed, but not keep moving forward. When bringing a significant change in the world, some people will tell you that you are wrong. Some people will point out why others (mostly themselves) are so much smarter than you. People will explain how you will fail, and be an embarrassment to yourself and your family (or department, group, company, etc.)

To bring about a successful change, you must be willing to present an idea that you feel a little bit sheepish about. If you are persistent in bringing forward this slightly embarrassing idea, eventually, you will find one person with whom the idea resonates. And if there is one person, then together you can find the second person. And the next, and the next.

If you are willing to be embarrassed about your idea, change, business idea, or project for a while, you can spread the word about it. It will take a while, and at first, you might feel the jeering eyes of most people. But your tenacity will be worth it in the end when enough people benefit from the change that you are making. When it starts to turn the corner, you won’t feel embarrassed anymore, but proud of the change that you have brought forward.

To bring true change into the world, you will need a high tolerance for embarrassment.